At Corner Cottage, we are lucky in that we have more than one garden. Our little cottage is slap bang in the middle of our land, which runs to about a quarter of an acre. The front garden is our cottage garden where we grow traditional cottage garden plants such as roses, lavender, verbena, honeysuckle, foxgloves, daisies, snowdrops and hollyhocks to name just a fraction of them. At the rear of our house is our kitchen garden, in which resides our greenhouse, cold frames and numerous wooden framed raised beds. In front of that is a patio area, a rockery, bar-b-que area, lawned area and wild bird area, where we feed the local wild birds and where our fruit trees are found. We have a number of apple, plum and damson trees.

To the right of the house, which is south facing is our herb courtyard garden where we grow most of the traditional herbs including, mint, parsley, rosemary, lemon balm, fennel, tarragon, chives, lemon verbena and right in the centre is our massive bay tree, which really was just a twig when we planted it!

The final garden is to the right of our house and is our Woodland or Shady garden which is more functional as it is on the north side of the house so not so good for growing. We have two sheds and a parking area, as well as a two large wood stores and a compost bin. This garden is flanked trees including one very old, very large oak tree which still has the remains of the tree house and swing that I made for my children when they were young.

Over the years, our garden has been massively under utilised. However, that is all to change and now I have vowed that we will use every inch of it and nothing will go to waste. Over the next year or two we will try to get the most benefit from every inch of each area. Follow our progress by watching out for new posts and to check on each area’s progress, just click on the relevant picture below!


Woodland / Shady Garden

Woodland / Shade Garden

Herb Garden

Herb Garden