Autumn is Coming….

Hi all, It’s been a busy week in the Corner Cottage Homestead as it’s that time of year again – harvest time! You may have noticed that I have been rather preoccupied with my author career at the expense of … Continue reading

Rosehip Foraging & Rosehip Syrup Recipe

Rosehips are from the same family of fruit as apples and this widely available autumn hedgerow treasure is used to make a syrup with a uniquely floral and fruity flavour. As a child, my sister and I were given a … Continue reading

Foraged Hazelnuts & Homemade Nutella

Picking and preparing freshly foraged hazelnuts was both a frustrating and ultimately satisfying experience. Hazelnuts are a good choice to collect for the novice forager as there is little that they can be confused with and they are very tasty, … Continue reading