Are We Foraging Too Much? – Sustainable Foraging

This has been called the year of the foragers. Every year more and more people armed with field books are tearing up the hedgerows and uprooting the fungi. All of this is likely due to the early efforts of TV … Continue reading

Mad about Mushrooms

So, I’ve always been quite partial a mushroom or three. Never have I turned my nose up at the odd gourmet treat of wild mushroom risotto or even a stroganoff concocted from the humble cultivated mushroom. When I was a child, before … Continue reading

Rosehip Foraging & Rosehip Syrup Recipe

Rosehips are from the same family of fruit as apples and this widely available autumn hedgerow treasure is used to make a syrup with a uniquely floral and fruity flavour. As a child, my sister and I were given a … Continue reading

Fen Fungi Guided Mushroom Foray

Ever since my daughter Anna mentioned that a couple of her colleagues had attended a Fen Fungi Guided Foray, I had wanted to experience it for myself.  To be accompanied on a forage for wild fungi by a real expert was … Continue reading

Sweet Chestnuts

The ancient Greeks dedicated the Sweet Chestnuts to the God Zeus and a century ago when life was hard, sweet chestnuts were a local staple, ground into flour or fed to the pigs to add flavour to the pork. Today, sweet … Continue reading