IMG_1261Hi everyone, this is me, I’m Karen, the Frugal Forager. Though I have not always been frugal or a forager, in fact, the thought of eating a wild mushroom would, until recently, have scared me silly and to be honest I am still not too sure about it. However, it is also true that I have long yearned for a much simpler life, off the grid, without the daily nine to five grind, a life more in tune with nature’s ancient rhythms.

Until September 2015, I worked full-time at a local college teaching Psychology. I had also just begun a promising second career as an author and illustrator,  However, earlier this year, after much deliberation, I took the plunge and resigned from my job. Consequently, we are in the process of adapting to living on a substantially reduced income. All things considered, though, I have come to believe that working for money is not all its cracked up to be. Much more important is spending time with those you love and living life to the full for as long as is possible. A more natural life, a more frugal life, the life of the frugal forager.

So I began by taking stock. Looking at our outgoings and working out how to earn a little money by going free range, without taking a traditional job. I no longer needed to spend money on work clothes, commuting, pre-packed lunches, and a whole host of other work related items. I no longer needed to indulge in expensive holidays, after all, now I am permanently on holiday! It rapidly became clear that our biggest monthly expenditure was the food we were eating. So I decided that was a good place to start implementing a natural, more frugal way of living.

My husband John and I began ‘Good Life’ style by creating our very own kitchen and herb garden and stocking the greenhouse. We invested in a wood burning stove and I bought a ton of books on gardening, foraging, and plant identification. Thus began our journey into the world of foraging and by raiding nature’s store cupboard, living a more natural, more frugal way of life.

So I invite you to travel along with us on our journey, hopefully, you will take some inspiration from our successes and learn from the inevitable failures that we will no doubt experience on the road to a more natural, frugal and tranquil life.

If  you would like to know more about me and my eclectic lifestyle as forager, blogger, and writer here are a few links to my other blogs and sites :

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