Foraging Wild Cherries

I took my dog Jinks for her morning walk along the Norfolk Broads this morning as I looked around for seasonal bits and bobs to forage. As we walked along the path from the river I noticed a large tree absolutely full of ripe fruit – Cherries!

Wild Cherries are somewhat of a delicacy. Fairly widespread in hedgerows and woods they grow on large trees – up to 100 feet high some of them! The fruits can vary from very sweet to rather bitter. I was lucky – these were deliciously sweet. Wild cherries were once sold on the branch in the smart markets in London.

The wild cherries I foraged this morning…


These are great eating cherries so I could bake a cherry pie… However, wild cherries are the BEST fruits to use to make Cherry Brandy!

Quick and Easy Cherry Brandy Recipe

Put as many as you can find in a bottle.

Add two teaspoons of sugar.

Top with brandy.

By Christmas, you will have a great treat waiting for you – enjoy!

I may just go back again tomorrow and get some more!

Recipe from Food for Free by Richard Mabey



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