Kitchen Garden Update

We we were relative newcomers to kitchen gardening when we began our little ‘Good Life’ project last year. As you can see, even with all the preparation that we did it was a slow process and there were some notable casualties. The cucumbers all died (have no idea why really) but we think we may have put them outside too early. Many of the brassicas were good enough to eat – or so we assume, because the rabbits ate the lot! Slugs attacked the strawberries – though thankfully there was enough for all of us.

However, we also have some extremely notable successes. Our rhubarb is to die for. I haven’t had to buy a lettuce all summer and we have a huge variety growing. Peas, beans, onions,cabbages and tomatoes are great. The curly kale is the most lovely looking and delicious vegetable I have ever tasted.

Photo 31-07-2016, 11 58 05

Just look at all this; our first summer harvest!

Photo 17-07-2016, 16 01 03

And the quality is everything we could have wished for.

We have harvested raspberries, red currents, and blueberries are on the way as are our apples and damsons – I even managed to grow a fig on my very young plant. Our herb garden is keeping us supplied with a broad selection of fresh herbs and there is plenty left to dry and store for the winter or use in herbal teas and fruit cocktails.

Yes, all in all I’m happy with our first summer of crops. Next year, hopefully the measures we’ve put in place to stop the rabbits enjoying more of our crop than we do will prevent their petty pilfering – otherwise I have a very good recipe for rabbit stew…



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