Foods to Forage in January & February

Happy New Foraging Year!

Happy New Foraging Year!

The months of January and February are a little lean on the foraging scene. However, if you are really keen and the weather is not too frosty, then you can still find the odd little treasure to take home and experiment with and if you can’t find edible treasures there are a number of non-edibles to look out for to brighten your home give as gifts and save you a few pennies.

Foods to Forage in January & February


Oyster Mushrooms

Velvet Shank

Stinging Nettle

Non-Food Items to Forage in January & February

Pine Cones & Sticks for Firewood.

Daffodils & Snowdrops  (Never dig up the bulbs it is illegal, but picking the blooms is fine.)

Daffodils in the Woods

Daffodils in the Woods



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