Tea Blending Workshop Review

Bluebird Tea Company - Tea Blending Workshop


My Tea Cupboard

My Tea Cupboard

My beloved youngest daughter Anna, who is the owner of the wonderful foodie blog Heart + Bowl, treated me to a weekend away to Brighton to attend a tea blending workshop for my birthday. It was a long time coming (my birthday is in July), but last week we made the long journey down to the south coast to learn how to blend tea. Both Anna and I are avid tea drinkers, in fact, we both have dedicated tea cupboards at home. I am not joking…. to the left here is the photographic evidence!

Now as you can see tea for me is an ongoing expense, some of my favourites do not come cheap! So now I am intent on being frugal and foraging to cut my food and drinks expenditure, this workshop could not have come at a better time, or have been more useful. In fact, I have already been inspired to test my new found tea blending skills to produce a collection of homemade varieteas  (sorry) including Rose Hip tea, Blackberry and Apple tea, Peppermint tea and Red Clover Tea.

Homemade Rosehip Tea

Homemade Rosehip Tea

Anna’s review of the tea workshop is an informative and entertaining read.

If you want to learn how to blend your own tea, I would wholeheartedly recommend Bluebird Tea Co.’s Tea Blending Workshop. The atmosphere in the warm, welcoming and enthusiastic, and the whole Bluebird team were so friendly and fun. They were happy to give tips and answered all the questions we asked – even the silly ones!


Friendly Staff Ready For Slurping Lessons!

Friendly Staff Ready For Slurping Lessons!

We learned how to blend tea,  drank tea cocktails, learned how to slurp, met some great people, it really was one of the best birthday presents I have ever received!



Bluebird Tea Co. currently run workshops on the last Friday of every month for around £35 per person.





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