Foods to Forage in October

Foods to Forage in October

Wild Foods to Forage in October

Foraging can be a frustrating business and dangerous too if you cannot safely locate and identify the wild foods that you are hoping to eat.  One thing that can minimise both the frustration and the chances of you being poisoned to death is to know what is available each season, or better still each month of the year.

Knowing the time of year when species are present, when they are in fruit or flower, can be a great aid to finding and identifying the correct species. This is especially important with fungi. Each month I will be looking at the variety of foods available to forage in the UK. This month, as we are in October I will be focussing on those foods available to forage now.  I will start with the most widely available and then add more as I discover them myself. Some foods have links to relevant foraging or recipe pages to give you further information, I will add more links as I create more posts.  Until then if you want to identify these accurately without too great an expenditure  I suggest you download the following e-book or purchase the hard copy of Food for Free, by Richard Mabey which is the gold standard guide for most novice foragers (I have both copies!)

Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition





Wild Foods Available in October

Beech Nuts

Beefsteak Fungus



Cauliflower Fungus





Fairy-ring Champignon

Field Mushroom

Garlic Mustard

Giant Puffball


Honey Fungus

Hedgehog Mushrooms

Horse Mushroom

Jew’s Ear


Oyster Mushroom

Parasol Mushroom



Saffron Milk Cap

Sea Beet

Shaggy Inkcap


Sweet Chestnut

Velvet Shank


Wood Hedgehog

 So, there you go, lots to keep you busy…  happy October foraging.



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