Rose Hip Tea

Rosehips from the Roman Fort hedgerows.

Rose Hips from the Roman Fort hedgerows.

This is apparently a bumper year for rosehips, there are thousands of them filling the hedgerows along my favourite walk. They are big, fat and red and having just returned from my Bluebird Tea Company Mixology Workshop, I knew just what I wanted to do with them. Yes, you guessed it, make tea.

Rose Hip Tea is sweet, fruity and packed with vitamins and minerals. I love it!

To  brew rose hip tea put 1-2 teaspoons of dried rose hips in a teapot, let it infuse for 10 -15minutes, then strain into a cup.


Rose Hips drying on the dehydrator tray

How to Dry & Store the Rose Hips to Make your Tea

  1. Pick as many rose hips as you think you need to last you until next year. I also wash them first.
  2. Wash and dry the hips.
  3. Dehydrate in a food dehydrator or low oven until completely moisture free and the hips are hard to the touch. This can take a variable amount of time depending on the ripeness and variety of the berries and the efficiency of your equipment.
  4. Best to keep checking them.


    Food Process the Rose Hips

  5. Next put them in a food processor. Grind away until the contents look like the picture, you don’t want to grind the rose hips too small.
  6. Tip the contents into a metal sieve, and just shake to remove all those pesky hairs that we used to make itching powder with at school!
  7. Finally, pour the dried rose hips into a jar or airtight container until you make them into tea!

Sieving out all of those pesky hairs. Homemade itching powder anyone?

Jars of Rose Hip Tea!

Jars of Rose Hip Tea!

Happy sipping….





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